Being told you have a tumour which is inaccessible and virtually untreatable, that there is little or nothing to treat it, is something which happens to other people, never to you. To have your life expectancy laid out before you, is something you could never imagine.
"Ron was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and...should not expect to live more than two years"
In January 2004, Ron was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that he should not expect to live more than two years. As he was always larger than life with a huge personality, boundless energy and a sense of humour which exuded in all he did. He had a laugh which was unique and recognised wherever he went. Life to him was a huge adventure, an adventure which brought to us both, travel, friendships, fun and amazing experiences.
He had the “gift of the gab” and was able to blag his way into all sorts of places you would never have dreamed of going and communicate on all levels. The hand he was dealt was naturally a huge blow and knocked him sideways. He loved his work in fraud prevention and awareness, but was looking forward to retirement and pursuing his interests. That this was to be denied him left him feeling cheated, not to see his grandchildren grow up deeply wounded him.
"In May 2004...we learned about Cyberknife technology..."
In May 2004, during a phone conversation with a friend in Florida, we learned about Cyberknife technology and that a Cyberknife Centre was up and running in Miami. Ron lost no time and was on the phone to book a flight after talking with Cyberknife Miami. So, off we went, though a miraculous cure was not in our minds, just meeting up with our friends and a glimmer of hope on the horizon was pleasing enough to us.
The Cyberknife Centre in Miami was incredible. We were introduced to the Robot, informed of what it did and how it worked and talked through Ron’s problem. We were surprised and a little scared to hear that ten days prior to us being there, they had treated their first pancreatic cancer and that they were happy to treat Ron. Costs then had to be discussed and it was apparent that Ron was nervous about spending £27,000 on this revolutionary technology. “Sieze the day”, I said, we both knew there was nothing else. The threat of death was always with us both but we did not talk about it. The time lapse between diagnosis and receiving treatment should always be as short as possible in order to make survival possible. We were both aware of this, but it was almost as if we had been led to Cyberknife. What it did was to enhance the quality of his life and it was good to get a glimpse again of a more normal Ron with all his nonsense!!!
"Ron was quoted as saying, 'if it’s too late for me, it will not be for others.'
Ron was the first UK citizen to receive treatment with a Cyberknife system, which has led me to think that he ranks as a pioneer of sorts. In an article run by the Daily Express in October 2004, Ron was quoted as saying, “if it’s too late for me, it will not be for others”. It was that statement which led me to set up his charity following his death in January 2005. Ron was a generous man, materially and spiritually, exasperating at times, way over the top in lots of ways. However he took great pleasure in seeing people enjoying life and went out of his way to make that possible whenever he could. That is what he will be most remembered for, fun, laughter and friendship. The last thing Ron wanted was to die, in his book there was so much more to do. One of the last things he said to me was “haven’t we been lucky with all we did in our lives together?” Yes, he was quite right. The fact that his life was cut short in such a cruel way, never clouded his mind or what we had both worked for. Wherever he is, and, yes, he is around me all the time, he will be supporting all the efforts being made to gain access to Cyberknife for those whom it will benefit.

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